Monday, May 12, 2014

Artwork Bead Picture August Challenge

I actually adore the abstract nature of the picture combined with shades. Go read the fascinating narrative of how the picture was stolen, located on the road in Ny and returned to its possessor who subsequently sold it at Sothebys.This artwork is copyrighted and is shown for inspiration.I enjoy grey, and that was the principal shade I centered on when I went to create my piece because of this challenge.The artwork beads with this challenge certainly are a yellowish and reddish attractiveness by Barbara Bechtel of these black textured squares and 2Nd Surf Studio by Duane Collins of Factors Pottery I selected.I believe the picture resembles the folks are on a town road wall by swirling smoke, smog or haze. Nonetheless, the attractiveness of the city glows through and the three individuals, who strike me as a household, are jointly.I selected assorted grey beads and a gun metal leather. I added a purple and grey glass (lampwork?)I will need to begin paying a lot more attention to grey beads and truly adore all of the greies together. The bracelet feels like the picture to me matching smoky glass with only a bit of yellow and bright sodas of reddish and purple.Visit The Artwork Bead Picture flickr page through the entire month to look at other interpretations of the picture. Its always fascinating to see what wonderful things other individuals create.

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