Sunday, June 8, 2014

by Suzann Sladcik WilsonWelcome, Beadphoria pals! This months Designer Crafts Link website hop motif is Parties. By creating this Enticing Fireworks for the 4th bracelet put in a pop of nationalism to any ensemble. It will allow you to observe Independence Day in-style!

SubstancesToolsDirections1. To make your firework appeal, one-cylinder bead, on a single headpin spot one disk bead, plus one fireplace opal Swarovski crystal. Whole your appeal by creating a clothed loop on top. Replicate 6 more occasions.2. Then create the star appeal, spot 1 ball spacer, one-star bead, and one mild siam Swarovski lead crystal onto a headpin. End by creating a clothed loop on top you appeal. Replicate 5 more occasions.3. Making use of round-nose pliers and your chain-nose, swing-open a jump ring. Fit leap band into best loop of among the charms. Leave leap ring open. Replicate 12 more occasions.4. Enclose the leap band across the link making use of round-nose pliers and your chain-nose.5. Jump a link. Subsequently using exactly the same technique as in measure 4, connect a star appeal. Until all 1-3 charms are connected replicate the routine of firework and star charms.6.7. Love your bracelet!

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